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Custom Framing in Newmarket

To preserve and display our memories can be worth more than anything painted by a famous artist. At Picture Frame Factory Warehouse in Newmarket, we specialize in custom framing so that you can keep those memories.

Our experienced and trained staff will work with your piece to make sure the frame fits the product. This experience allows your framed item to reach its full potential in the space you put it in. Our associates will work with you to make the piece right for you.


When framing, it is always best to give our associates as much information as possible. The questions below will help our staff find the best frame for you.

  1. What space is it going in?

  2. Are the walls painted or is there wallpaper?

  3. Are the colours in the room lighter, medium, or darker?

  4. Are there warmer or cooler tones in the space?

  5. What kind of furniture is in the space (if any)? Is it rustic or more modern?

  6. What are your main, accent, and trim colours in the space?

These questions will help our staff determine what will work well for you and your space. If you have an image of the space, bring it in! Any information about your print and your space will help you achieve your perfect frame.

Do you have a memory you want to preserve? Maybe a favourite sports jersey, your favourite pet, or all your concert posters! Our team is able to put almost anything into a frame. From guitars to handwritten notes, our specialists will be able to make your memory visual for all to see and admire.

We have over 4,000 wonderful frames to choose from that will work with your artwork. Our collections include Larson Juhl, Roma, Fotiou and so much more. We will find the frame that works for you.

Art Rentals and Layaways

You can find the artwork you have been looking for at Select Art Galleries.

From distinguished artwork to accent pieces, Select Art Galleries offers an inspirational place to admire and find that piece for your space. For decorators who are looking for something specific, or for those staging their house and unsure of what to add, the friendly staff at Select Art Galleries is readily available to help you at every step of the way. Personal consultations are available and recommended to those who are looking for a specific piece, theme, or are unsure of what they want for their “blank canvas.” Let the experts help create the ambiance you want out of your space. We invite you to visit our gallery today and get inspired.

Don’t forget our “try before you buy” option. Choose any of our 1,500 ready-to-hang art pieces. There is no obligation to buy and you get to see it right in your space.

Art Rental

Our unique artwork rental system is ideal for decorators, home stagers, and anyone who wants to make their home look great for a viewing. We invite you to get inspired by our gallery by visiting today. If you are interested in renting artwork from us, please contact us right away.


Get the artwork that you want with our layaway plan. This interest-free program allows you to get the artwork that you want over time. 

A layaway allows our clients to make smaller payments on their art until the purchase is paid in full, rather than paying for the item with credit and adding interest to the overall cost. Our layaway plan ensures that the chosen art will be in stock and ready for pick-up when the final payment is made.

Plans can be as small as three months, with a maximum of six months.

Layaway plans are exclusively for in-store purchases and not online. For more information, please visit our shop or call us.


Custom Printing

Do you want to print an image onto canvas or paper?
We’ll reproduce any digital image from an email, camera, or memory stick. We can print it on any medium, including wood, canvas, and metal.

We can also scan your artwork or old photos, edit them, and give you a digital copy! Old photo albums can be scanned and digitized for your convenience. Drop by with your work today, and we will make it reach its full potential.

Let’s get in touch and start making your ideas come to life.

Restorations and Appraisals

Cleaning and Restorations


Stop the degradation of your precious family memorabilia. We partner with the best restorers and appraisers in Ontario. Water, fire, smoke and physical damages can be cleaned and restored. Bring them in and we’ll get our expert cleaners and restorers working on your artwork or photograph.


If you’ve inherited art, are divesting yourself from your art, or it’s time for a change and you want to sell, Select Art Galleries has options for you. Find out the value of your original art or prints for insurance purpose or curiosity. Our delightful team is ready to help. For more information, please contact us.

To begin the appraisal process, email us with the following information:

  • Send photographs of the prints or originals you want appraised.

  • If possible, write a short description about the piece.

  • On original work, please photograph the front, the back, and the signature of the artist.

  • If you have other information on the artwork, please add it to the email.

The more information we have, the faster the process can become.

If you wish to sell your appraised work through Select Art Galleries, we can have more eyes on your piece as we network with over 1,200 dealers. The gallery can also consign works, provide appraised letters if you wish to donate to charity, or list it with us until it’s sold.


Delivery, Pickup and Installation

Delivery and Pickup

Do you need help getting your new painting from our gallery to your home, or from your home to the gallery? We will deliver anywhere you need. From Barrie to Port Perry to Toronto and everything in between, we can help you deliver and install your piece in your space! We can accommodate about any size, quantity, and location. Come in and pick out your piece today.

Need to bring your new piece of art onto a plane? We can help package and ship for couriers and carry-on airplane luggage. We do it all; just sit back and enjoy your packaged artwork.


Do you need images hung? We can help install your art in your space. Our team of experts will spend the time needed to put your artwork in its perfect spot.

Call for a quote; our great staff is eager to help.


Digital Transfer Service

We now offer digital transfer of various mediums, including videotapes, movie, film, prints, slides, audio, and negatives. Contact us for more information.

Videotape to DVD or MP4

VHS, Betamax, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, MiniDV, Betacam U-Matic

Videotape to DVD or MP4

Movie film to DVD or MP4

8mm/Super8 Film (no sound or sound), 16mm

Movie film to DVD or MP4

Prints to DVD (up to 4800 DPI)

Prints to DVD (up to 4800 DPI)

Slides to DVD (up to 4800 DPI)

Slides to DVD

Audio to CD to MP3

Vinyl LPs (33⅓ & 45 RPM), audio cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, audio cassette repair

Audio to CD to MP3

Negatives to DVD (up to 4800 DPI)

Negatives to DVD (up to 4800 DPI)


On-time Service

“Myself and my family have been very happy with all the top-quality work you've done for us over the years. This is the second time I've had Picture Frame Factory Warehouse make up one of these small retirement plaques for a retiring employee. Your team made sure they were done on time and to the high-quality standard I've come to expect from your store. Thanks again for your great work!”

- Rik

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