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Fresh and Latest Product and Design Ideas

At Picture Frame Factory Warehouse, we help you preserve your beautiful memories. From customized crafted picture frames, restorations, and custom printing, we do it all. Feel free to check out our gallery to see our existing artwork made for satisfied customers. Here, you can find innovative and beautiful product and design ideas to help your creative ventures. The following designs have been provided by our trusted suppliers including:

  • Neilson

  • Larson

  • Roma Moulding

  • Fotiou

Like a design or an idea? Feel free to visit or contact us today to get started! Our creative team will be happy to assist or provide customized solutions.

Roma Moulding

Embrace the essence of culture with our Icon Collection.


In every curve, colour, and craft, our Icon Collection stands as a powerful homage to the beauty of culture, the depth of traditions, and the strength of communal bonds. It's more than just a series; it's a celebration of the moments, rituals, and places that weave the fabric of our shared heritage.


In a special tribute, our collection features an exquisite pink moulding dedicated to honouring Breast Cancer Awareness. This addition is not just aesthetic; it's a symbol of love, resilience, and the unwavering support that friends and family provide during the most challenging times. It reflects our commitment to not only preserve memories but also to support causes that touch our hearts and impact our community.


Let every piece from the Icon Collection serve as a reminder of the strength that lies within and the power of standing together. In every frame, find a story that resonates, a tradition that inspires, and a tribute that uplifts.


Join us in embracing the narratives that shape us. Discover the Icon Collection today.

Roma Moulding

Artist Feature: William Vanscoy

William Vanscoy's works are now available on all substrates (acrylic, aluminum, birch). As one of our all-time most popular artists, we are excited to offer his vast library of work on any desired medium.


Embrace Vanscoy's collection of atmospheric, moody, coastal scenes, landscapes, and deserted places as he attempts to capture the transitory beauty of life and nature with a combination of traditional and digital photography.

Larson • Juhl

NEW Product Launch: Alden & Metalia

Paula Jackson, Lead Designer


We are introducing 2 NEW Moulding Collections: Alden, modern walnut profiles in lustrous dark finishes, and Metalia, industrial styling featuring ground metallic finishes. Discover design techniques, selling tips, trend information, and marketing resources available online at All collections are available to purchase online at


Industrial Styling

Featuring Ground

Metallic Finishes

  • Softened industrial metallics with subtle etched surface

  • Certified product

  • Made in Italy



Modern Walnut Profiles in Lustrous Dark Finishes

  • Furniture finish solid walnut in lustrous ebonized & dark walnut

  • Made in America

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